Follow Pope Benedict on Twitter

If you like to tweet and are interested in religion, then the ideal person to follow is, of course Pope Benedict XVI. His messages are very positive and enlightening. Here is a list of other inspiring and religious people to follow on twitter.

@Pontifex (Benedict XVI)

@religiontoday (Religion Today)

@TheDivineWedgie (The Divine Wedgie)

@DalaiLama (Dalai Lama)

@catholicsalmon (Catholic Salmon)

@Bible_Time (Bible Time)

@RCYouthWorker (Jack Regan)

If you decide to follow any of these tweeters, then you can always look at their list of followers to consider who also might be of interest to you.

Update – it is now Pope Francis who is tweeting @Pontifex:

Pope Francis on Twitter

Pope Francis on Twitter