Research and Presentation Tips

Third years

Here are some tips to help you do some great research for your chosen titles:

1. Make sure that you find information from a variety of sourcesaim for four at least. After every idea or piece of information that you choose to use, WRITE DOWN THE PRECISE SOURCE. Here are some possible sources of information:

  • Books – school, home, library
  • The internet – two reliable websites (or more); avoid Wikipedia
  • TV / Video documentaries – keep your eyes peeled for something relevant
  • Newspapers – ask your parents to scout for articles related to your topic
  • Visit a place – a religious building, office etc related to your topic
  • Attend a ceremony, if it is relevant
  • Interview a person that may have experience of or an insight into your topic
  • Conduct a survey
  • And more….

2. Make sure that you present your material in a variety of ways. You may use a scrapbook, folder, scrapbook in which to present your work. You may hand-write or print out your work. Make sure that you have clear and colourful headings. Here are some ways to present your work:

  • Written in paragraphs
  • Bullet points
  • Time lines
  • Maps
  • Bar charts / pie charts
  • Photographs
  • Pictures
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Sub-headings
  • And many more


Junior Cert Project 2013

Hello third years

At this stage your research for your projects should be well underway. Just so that everyone is on the right track, here’s a reminder of the titles for the journal.

Journal Titles 2013:

Section A. Communities of Faith

a. 1. A profile of what inspires the work of one religious organisation today at either a local or national level.


a. 2.♦ Buddhism ♦ Christianity ♦ Hinduism ♦ Islam ♦ Judaism

A case study on the role a leader played in the founding story of one of the above major world religions.

Section B. Foundations of Religion: Christianity

b. 1. Miracle  Parable  Witness

Research how two of the above were used by Jesus to teach people about the Kingdom of God.


b. 2. An examination of Jesus’ celebration of the Last Supper as both a Passover meal and Eucharist.

Section C. Foundations of Religion: Major World Religions

c. 1. A profile of the life story of either the founder or an early follower associated with one of the following major world religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or Judaism.


c. 2. An analysis of the importance of a calendar festival for the members of one of the following major world religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or Judaism.

Section D. The Question of Faith

d. 1. A survey of the religious beliefs of adolescents in my locality.


d. 2. An examination of the way religious belief can find expression in a type of prayer.

Section E. The Celebration of Faith

e. 1. An exploration of the way in which one building in Ireland today has religious significance for the members of a community of faith.


e. 2. An investigation into the importance of sacrament for the members of two Christian denominations.

Section F. The Moral Challenge

f. 1.A profile of two factors involved in a person’s growth to moral maturity.


f. 2.An investigation into the role of either authority or tradition as a source of morality in the life of an adolescent.

Third Year Project – Reminder

Hello third years.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Here is a reminder about the Religion Project:

  • Deadline is 26th January.
  • Presentation format – in a scrapbook or folder.
  • Neat presentation is essential – title/cover page, suitable headings throughout, relevant and interesting pictures, charts, maps, timelines etc, neat handwriting or typed material (all in your own words), about 8 pages of written information, sources of information listed, a variety of sources eg interview a person, books (your own religion book and others), tv documenatries, a relevant film or novel, a visit to a relevant place, attendance at a relevant ceremony and so on.
  • Record all your efforts at obtaining information EVEN IF IT DID NOT WORK OUT AS PLANNED.

Best of luck with the research and writing. Happy Christmas to you all.

PS Check the blog again on 27th December (and tell your classmates) for a few study tips during the holidays. (Mocks are only around the corner!!!)

Third Year Project

Hello third years,

I hope you are all researching as much as possible for your Junior Cert Religion Project. Here is a reminder of the titles you can choose from:


1. Communities of Faith:

A case study on how one community of faith today is addressing both the needs of  individuals and the needs of the community.

2. Foundations of Religion – Christianity:

An investigation into the reasons why Jesus came into conflict with two of the  following:

Pharisees              Sadducees             Romans

3. Foundations of Religion – Major World Religions:

A study of the historical and geographical origins of one of the major world religions:

Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism

 4. Foundations of Religion – Major World Religions:

All world religions have had a key moment in their development. A reflection on the impact of a time of persecution on the development of one of the following major world religions:

Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism

 5. The Question of Faith

 A profile of the way in which religious belief can be seen in the life of a person associated with the founding story of one of the following major world religions:

Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism

6. The Celebration of Faith

An examination of the meaning of two religious symbols associated with the sacrament of Baptism in a Christian denomination.


Here is a reminder of different sources of information you should try to include:

Class work, other books, the library, the internet, interview with a relevant person, a suitable survey, attendance of a relevant ceremony or occasion, visit a relevant place and so on….

Try to have a variety of sources and don’t forget to  LIST ALL YOUR SOURCES, please.

GOOD LUCK with the research!