5th Year Class Dojo

What a super bunch of 5th years I have – it’s a small group but they are all working well on our topic of ‘morality’. Adam, Auguste, Cormac, Darragh, Dylan, Leigh, Jamie, Joe, Kate, Niamh, Sean, Shane and Simon are proving to be exceptional in terms of hardwork, participation, manners and more – just look at their amazing report after one full week of school:
5th Year Religion First Week

Super job, 5th years!! Now let’s hope it stays at 100%!

Introducing Class Dojo

Thanks to the inspiration of Miss Cullen’s blog in St Oliver’s in Drogheda, we here at Franciscan College Gormanston are going to give Class Dojo a go. At the moment, 2A1, 3A2 and one 5th year Religion class are involved.

Class Dojo is a great tool for tracking student progress in terms of participation, homework and behaviour. At the end of each day, students are awarded positive or negative points and these points are combined to give the class an overall positive or negative rating. Each student can track his or her own individual points at home (and no-one else’s) and also see how the whole class is faring. It is also possible to email a report card to the students’ parents at regular intervals.

At the end of each month, I will post the overall chart for each class on this blog. Since we are just starting this new initiative, I am going to post the chart for each class at the end of this first full week back at school. (After that, I will post the overall report monthly.) Class Dojo will hopefully be a fun way to keep students motivated and involved in their own progress. Let’s hope it works as well here as it seems to be in St Oliver’s.