Remembering Fr Eamonn

Fr Eamonn Newell

Fr Eamonn Newell

It’s been a year since the passing of the most beloved Fr Eamonn Newell OFM. He passed away on the day of the year he claimed to be his favourite – the first day of spring. Memories and thoughts of this wise and inspirational man come flooding back to all those who knew him well. His smile, his clever insights, his shyness, his kindness, his genuine interest in others, his sense of humour, his brilliant teaching, his commitment to Clann Phadraig and his personal generosity are what I remember about him most.

When the other Friars had to leave the Castle in September 2012, Fr Eamonn good-heartedly (and admirably) refused to move. He was known as the ‘King of the Castle’. It is sad and fitting that the Castle was where he passed away. He is buried in a private plot with other Franciscans, past pupils and former staff of the college as well as a number of infants.

Fr Eamonn will always be remembered and loved; we are comforted to know that he is the presence of the Lord.

Born 1941; died February 1st 2013

3 thoughts on “Remembering Fr Eamonn

  1. Fr Eamon was only ever committed to his friends and students. Froncious was where he led his Clann to back to back successes, which he would have given up every day to make someone else happy .

  2. I disliked Gormanston College but Father Eamonn was great. A genius at teaching and in all things mathematical. I have remembered him in my studies of Natural Sciencies and Engineering. He laid a great foundation and tolerated my ignorance. I have passed some of his brilliance on to the next generation and hope I meet him in the next world to thank him.

  3. After 5 years in gormanston I reflect on the positive influence Eamon had on my formative years. Eamon was the force for good who kept me and many others happy in this hard school. He was a selfless tutor and I always enjoyed the visits to say hello after I left.
    Eamon married my wife and I many years ago and after he started the sermon in German it all went swimmingly.
    A true mentor and I try to follow his positive approach with my own children and young people in meet in my life and work.
    Rest in peace.

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