After the Camino…

Beautiful Scenery

I’ve just returned from a 31-day walk across the north of Spain. It was a fantastic experience. Walking alone, walking with others, praying in the countryside, praying in the churches, carrying everything I need, sharing when others need, feeling blisters and sore muscles, great albergues and hospitaleros, early mornings, early nights, the sounds, sights, smells, and silence of nature, enjoying the company of others, listening, talking, laughing, sharing, caring… and the list goes on. Arriving in Santiago was one of the highlights; realising that that is when the Camino really begins was one of the insights.

Camino Companions

Walking the Camino taught me to be grateful for the real things in life – people: family, friends. We are all walking on the path of life, sometimes alone, but always together, making a journey in different ways but arriving at the same ultimate destination. People everywhere are really all the same – simple needs required by us all: kindness, sharing, respect, a chance to speak, a time to listen, the need to give and receive love and friendship, a place to rest and sleep, a simple meal shared with friends (or strangers who will become friends). This is what is true for us all. Let us give thanks for the beauty of the world around us, the glory of God and the people who travel our journey with us.

Fifth years, watch this space – in September you will hear more….

Here is an animoto slideshow that captures a few images of my journey in June.

Many thanks to all who sponsored my walk (done on behalf of Gormanston) and donated money to the Jack and Jill Foundation. Nearly €1800 has been raised and still more to come!