Third Year Revision – Section B

Hello again third years!

I hope you are making good revision notes about Section A. As soon as you have finished Section A (today, please), you need to start revising Section BFoundations of Religion – Christianity.

Reminder – you should already have a revision copy for Religion.

Take about two or three days to read and study chapters 5 – 9, paying attention to key terms, definitions, key people/groups, key messages/teachings of Jesus, conflict he faced, his death and resurrection, faith in Christ.

Make detailed notes in your revision copy under the following headings:

  • The context of Jesus’ birth – map of Holy Land
  • The Roman Empire
  • Why the Jews and Romans did not get along
  • Messianic Expectation
  • Ancient Judaism
  • All political and religious structures:
  • Sadduccees, Zealots, Pharisees, Essenes, Sanhedrin, Tax Collectors
  • Temple
  • Synagogue


  • Evidence about Jesus
  • Sources of evidence:
  • The Bible, The Old Testament, The New Testament, Gospel, Evangelists
  • The three stages that led to the Gospels:
  • 1. actual events; 2. preaching of disciples (oral); 3. writing of Gospels (written)
  • From oral and writtten tradition
  • Difference between documents of faith and historical documents
  • Historical sources of evidence about Jesus (Josephus, Tacitus)
  • The four Gospel writers:
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • How John’s Gospel is different


  • The Kingdom of God
  • What a parable is
  • Why Jesus used parables
  • Some parables in detail and the message Jesus was teaching
  • What a miracle is
  • Four types of miracle
  • Why Jesus used miracles
  • Some miracles and their powerful effect
  • Meaning and importance of table fellowship
  • Example of Zacchaeus
  • Meaning and importance of discipleship
  • The first disciples
  • Disciple/Apostle
  • Teaching of Jesus in the Beatitudes
  • Vocation:
  • Parents, teenagers, church leaders, individuals
  • Mission


  • Conflict with authority
  • Jesus and the Saduccees
  • Jesus and the Pharisees
  • The events of Holy Week:
  • When and why and how  Jesus entered Jerusalem
  • Cleansing of Temple
  • Teaching in the Temple
  • Judas’ deal
  • The Last Supper and why it was a meal in the Passover tradition
  • The arrest
  • The two trials
  • The humiliation
  • The Sations of the Cross
  • Those left behind
  • The Resurrection & the appearances – as told by the Gospels
  • Transformation & Presence


  • Events after the Resurrection
  • Ascension – meaning and significance
  • Pentecost – meaning and significance
  • Missionary work
  • The first Christian communities
  • Why it was a dangerous time
  • Martyrdom
  • St Stephen
  • The story of St Paul
  • Map of early Christian communities
  • How the ‘People of God’ were established
  • Different names and titles Jesus was known by:
  • Son of Man, Son of God, New Creation, Christ/Messiah

Make sure you know all the details of each of the bullet point headings above. Keep up with the revision. More bullet point headings for Section C will be posted on Tuesday. Please remind your classmates to look at the blog.

Good luck everyone. Your hard work will pay off.