Third Year Project – Reminder

Hello third years.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Here is a reminder about the Religion Project:

  • Deadline is 26th January.
  • Presentation format – in a scrapbook or folder.
  • Neat presentation is essential – title/cover page, suitable headings throughout, relevant and interesting pictures, charts, maps, timelines etc, neat handwriting or typed material (all in your own words), about 8 pages of written information, sources of information listed, a variety of sources eg interview a person, books (your own religion book and others), tv documenatries, a relevant film or novel, a visit to a relevant place, attendance at a relevant ceremony and so on.
  • Record all your efforts at obtaining information EVEN IF IT DID NOT WORK OUT AS PLANNED.

Best of luck with the research and writing. Happy Christmas to you all.

PS Check the blog again on 27th December (and tell your classmates) for a few study tips during the holidays. (Mocks are only around the corner!!!)

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