Trip to Mosque


On Tuesday 29th November, all third years went on a trip to the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh. We were greeted by our host, Mr Ali Selim shortly after one pm. He took us into the hall and showed us pictures of three Islamic holy shrines. After the introduction, we took off our shoes and were invited into the mosque itself. We sat around in a neat square and listened to Mr Selim as he explained the significance of different items in the mosque. He told us the meaning of the word ‘Islam’ and a little bit about the five pillars of Islam. We then heard the call to prayer as a man sang words from the Quran right in front of us. We had to leave shortly after two as people were coming in to pray.

It  was a great experience and will prove very valuable for the Junior Cert Religion project and exam. Take a look at this very short slide show showing a few photos of our trip to the mosque.


Advent is a precious time in the Christian calendar. The four weeks leading up to December 25 are meant to be a period of expectant waiting, as we prepare ourselves for the miraculous arrival of our Saviour, in the form of a vulnerable infant born to humble parents.

The reality for most of us, though, is that these are anxious weeks of shopping and holiday planning leading up to a hectic Christmas Day. In the bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget what we’re waiting for.

Completely avoiding the Christmas onslaught may be impossible, but we can make an effort to maintain some connection to the spiritual foundation of this season. More to come…..